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[texts]The Sabbath [microform] : its history and modern liberal use - Gilpin, V. J. (Victor J.), 1872-1909?
Filmed from a copy of the original publication held by the University of Western Ontario, D.B. Weldon Library, London
Keywords: Sabbath; Sabbath; Sabbat; Sabbat
Downloads: 71
[texts]The divine foundation of the Lord's Day [microform] : an address - Caven, William, 1830-1904
Cover title
Keywords: Sabbath; Sabbat
Downloads: 66
[texts]Review of Mr. W.T. Wishart's letters on the Sabbath [microform] - Wishart, William T. (William Thomas), d. 1853
Filmed from a copy of the original publication held by the New Brunswick Museum, Saint John
Keywords: Sabbath; Sabbat
Downloads: 181
[texts]Lecture on London with introduction on Lord's Day Alliance, April 28th, 1909, in the Presbyterian Church [microform] - Munro, A. G. (Aeneas G.)
Filmed from a copy of the original publication held by the Archives of Ontario, Library, Toronto
Keywords: Sabbath; Sabbat
Downloads: 41
[texts]Memorials of the sea [microform] - Scoresby, William, 1789-1857
'"The Works of the Lord are great ..."'
Keywords: Sabbath; Sabbat
Downloads: 145
[texts]Résponse à un sabbatiste [microforme] - Parent, M. B. (Manasse B.), né 1857
Comprend des références bibliographiques
Keywords: Sabbat; Sabbath
Downloads: 248
[texts]De praktyk des Sabbaths ... - Koelman, Jacobus
Keywords: Sabbat Zondagsviering
Downloads: 3
[texts]Sabbaths in the Arctic regions [microform] - Scoresby, William, 1789-1857
At head of title: Memorials of the sea
Keywords: Sabbath; Sabbat
Downloads: 122
[texts]Some evidences, forms, causes, and results of Sabbath Degradation [microform] - Beals, F. H. (Frank Harris), 1856-1927
Cover title
Keywords: Sunday; Sabbath; Sabbat; Dimanche
Downloads: 132
[texts]The Sabbath question [microform] - Burns, R. F. (Robert Ferrier), 1826-1896
"With appendix containing the Sabbath bill."
Keywords: Sabbath; Sunday; Sabbat; Dimanche
Downloads: 183
[texts]Sunday our Sabbath [microform] : proved from Scripture and history to be God's rest day, and II. Showing what is meant by the command, " Remember the Sabbath day to keep it holy" : a lecture delivered by Rev. William McDonagh, before the Theological Union of the London Conference of the Methodist Church, at St. Thomas, June 8, 1901 - McDonagh, William
"Published by request of the Conference."
Keywords: Sunday; Sabbat; Sabbath; Dimanche
Downloads: 42
[texts]Why and how the Lord's day should be observed [microform] : as answered by a Toronto Bible class
'"Remember the Sabbath Day to keep it holy."--Exod. 20 : 8.'
Keywords: Sunday; Sabbath; Dimanche; Sabbat
Downloads: 125
[texts]The Lord's day [microform] : its universal and perpetual obligation : a premium essay - Waffle, A. E. (Albert Edward), 1846-1927
Original issued in series: Green fund book ; no. 3
Keywords: Sabbath; Sunday; Sabbat; Dimanche
Downloads: 173
[texts]The Sunday problem [microform] : its present day aspect : Sunday street-car traffic : a reply to John S. Ewart, Esq., K. C. d - Roy, J. J. (Jesse J.), d. 1931?
Cover title
Keywords: Sunday; Dimanche; Sabbat; Sabbath
Downloads: 83
[audio]Mister Abolitionsim-Sabbat
The song Sabbat,written and performed by the band Mister Abolitionism.
Keywords: mister; abolitionism; sabbat; misterabolitonism
Downloads: 9
[texts]Le sabbat des sorciers - Bourneville, n. 1840
Ce livre fait partie de la collection Hannah
Keywords: Sorcellerie; Occultisme; Sabbat (Occultisme)
Downloads: 260
[texts]The Christian Sabbath explained and vindicated [microform] : in a discourse on Exod. xx. 8 delivered Jan. 14, 1759, upon a particular occasion - Byles, Mather, 1735-1814
"Published at the request of his hearers."
Keywords: Sabbath; Sunday; Sabbat; Dimanche
Downloads: 68
[audio]2007-10-13_Bert_Otten-Nieuwe_Maan_en_Sabbat - Bert Otten
Bert Otten spreekt over Nieuwe Maan en Sabbat en relatie tot JHWH de Eerste en de Laatste
Keywords: Immanuel; Bert Otten; Nieuwe Maan; Sabbat
Downloads: 198
[texts]Address of the Kingston Sabbath Reformation Society to the citizens of Kingston [microform] : the committee of this society have had under consideration the question of shop-closing on Saturdays - Kingston Sabbath Reformation Society
Signed: W. Snodgrass, president, John Mair, secretary
Keywords: Sabbath; Associations, institutions, etc; Sabbat; Associations
Downloads: 70
[audio]15_Jesus explique le sabbat #2 Marc 3:1-6 - noletf
Etudes sur l'Evangile de Marc
Keywords: Evangile; Evangile de Marc; Marc; autorite de Jesus; sabbat
Downloads: 19
[audio]Tiempos Violentos 0045 - 13-1-2013 - Cesar Fuentes Rodriguez
Programa en horario especial despues de la medianoche del 13 de enero. Invitados: Triddana. Sueño de una noche de verano con estampas goyescas.
Keywords: heavy; metal; hard; rock; triddana; radio; brujas; brujeria; aquelarre; sabbat
Downloads: 209
[texts]Origin, perpetuity and use of the Sabbath [microform] : a sermon by N. Gunnison - Gunnison, N. (Nathaniel), 1811-1871
Cover title
Keywords: Sabbath; Sermons, Canadian (English); Sabbat; Sermons canadiens-anglais
Downloads: 88
[texts]Sabbath observance and the ground and scope of legislation thereon [microform] : a sermon - King, John M. (John Mark), 1829-1899
"Preached in St. Stephen's Church, Winnipeg, April 17th, 1898, and published by request."
Keywords: Sunday legislation; Sunday; Sabbath; Repos dominical; Dimanche; Sabbat
Downloads: 143
[audio]14_Jesus explique le sabbat #1 Marc 2:23-28 - noletf
Etudes sur l'Evangile de Marc
Keywords: Evangile; Evangile de Marc; Marc; autorite de Jesus; miracle; medecin; sabbat
Downloads: 66
[texts]The Lord's Day observance vindicated and seventh-day Sabbatarians answered [microform] - Johnston, T. J
Filmed from a copy of the original publication held by the National Library of Canada
Keywords: Adventistes du septième jour; Seventh-Day Adventists; Sabbath; Dimanche; Sabbat; Sunday
Downloads: 61
[audio]Wicca Everyday Episode 3 - Louder Volume
In this episode, we discuss what Candlemas is as well as how and why it is celebrated. Candlemas (also referred to as Imbolc, Imbolg, Brigantia, Candelaria, Disting, Lupercus or Strega) is a sabbat in the Wiccan tradition. This sabbat marks the midpoint between Yule and Ostara. It is a crossroads. For these reasons, many practicioners believe that Brigid is a particularly appropriate deity to work with for this celebration...
Keywords: wicca; wiccan; pagan; paganism; witch; witchcraft; imbolc; imbolg; candlemas; sabbat; ritual; occult; neopaganism
Downloads: 173
[texts]Religious legislation [microform] : shall God or civil rulers govern the conscience? - Cooke, John T
Cover title
Keywords: Religious liberty; Sabbath legislation; Sunday legislation; Liberté religieuse; Sabbat, Loi du; Dimanche, Loi du
Downloads: 166
[audio]PROGRAMA #056 (15-05-2013) - Artilleria Pesada
Avui salta a l'arena metàl•lica com a disc del dia la penúltima edició d'una de les bandes veteranes i mítiques de l'escena metàl•lica, SABBAT, del Japò, ocupant la secció del Disc del Dia amb el seu directe "Darkness And Evil Over Barcelona!!!" gravat el 17 de Juny del 2008 durant el seu concert al Prat de Llobregat (Sala Casino), metall i actitud en estat pur!!! La mitologia és visitada per un dels pioners del heavy metal mexicà, VIXIT...
Keywords: Sabbat; Zamak; Nomenmortis; Vixit; Skyforger; Psoryasis; Zifir; Mörk Gryning; Metal; Heavy; Black; Death; Gore; Pagan; Ludi Metallici
Downloads: 31
[audio]010_hackyardbangout_daysofwalpern2 - tipsypoodl kosmo studio by LuKRautman
hackyardbangout_session_thursday - specialo-spectacolo days of walpern _ part2 - floralia Am Donnerstag, sendet hackyardbangout, live aus der saechsischen Schweiz, Dittersbach-Duerroehrsdorf. Fuer das kommende Wochenende wird ein Schrott Glockenspiel gebaut, die Probe kannst du mithoeren. von 20.00-22.00 2h Walpern round2 dear ears, for the upcoming weekend at the dittersbach walpurgisnacht party, an old fabric area in the east of saxony...
Keywords: tipsypoodl; homie; radio23; boernfried; walpern; sabbat; chimes; fortschritt; industrial; gas; cylinder; propan; dittersbach; mühle; kaos; chamber of horror
Downloads: 25
[audio]Ae2 - Eostara Sabbat Mix - Ae2
Ae2 underground independent track sampler mix Eostara Sabbat March 2012. Featuring Vladislav Delay, Ocp, Joel Tammik, The Automatic Message, Storlon, Berk Offset. Cover image by Ae2 Art.
Keywords: Ocp; Joel Tammik; Vladislav Delay; The Automatic Message; Berk Offset; Unoiki; Ae2; Eostara Sabbat Mix; Abstract Techno; Soulful IDM; Experimental Electronica
Downloads: 32
[movies]He Said / sHe Said LIVE with Robin Roth 9/21/11
If you've listened to rock 'n roll radio in San Diego in the last 10 years, then you know this woman merely by her sultry-rough voice: the leading lady of 91X, Robin Roth. Robin joined us at our Brass Rail studio to have a beer & a chat about both her club and radio DJ career, the local music & goth scene, social media and how she stalked…er, met...her husband. Robin's a genuine, classy lady with an edge who would, hands down, come out on top in a rock 'n roll trivia bar brawl...
Keywords: talk&interview; he said she said; aaron heier; ophelia later; robin roth; top news san diego; radio san diego; 91x; club sabbat; the flame; goth san diego; rock n roll; san diego dj; club ascension; club pussy galore
Downloads: 8
[texts]Weird Beliefs - Barry Wilson
In this book you can explore many fascinating subjects, including: Devil Worship ... Zombies ... Doomsday Cults ... Head Shrinkers ... Hungry Ghosts ... Black Magic ... the Grim Reaper ... Witch Smellers ... Human Sacrifice ... Ghouls ... Dervishes ... Sacred Mushrooms ... the Dance of Death ... Snake Handlers ... the Temple of Rats ... Sin Eaters ... Demonic Possession ... the Antichrist ... Golems .....
Keywords: devil worship; zombies; weird gods; strange customs; serpent handlers; demonic possession; ghost dances; ghoul; idols; faith healing; golem; shrunken heads; human sacrifices; the Rapture; witch hunt; satan; rat temple; cargo cult; Houri; Nukekubi; scapegoat; stoning devil; tower; firebird; Devadasi; ahimsa; book of mormon; Tree of Zaqqum; cerberus; Baron Samedi; Foo Dogs; religious police; spirit money; Tiwanaku; Viracocha; mani wheel; thugee; Adamites; sins eater; holy laughter; Valkyries; original sin; sacred cow; basilisk; Behemoth; hair shirt; white elephant; antichrist; pillar saint; heaven's gate; evil spirits; weirdest religions; mythology; ghosts; dervish; Christian; Islam; Buddhist; Muslim; Jainism; Hindu shrines; gods; Jivaro; odor of sanctity; witch's tit; third nipple; naturist sects; animal sacrifice; self-flagellation; Mutaween; Zoroaster; Zarathustra; Aztec rain god; shuar; head hunters; books; sect; religion; demons; church; shishi lions; valhalla; chosen people; wicker man; druids; miracles; preserved body; tribulation; angel; bible; ancient; sacred; unusual superstitious practices; odd views; scientology; parsis; reincarnation; apis; Assassins; demon; Azazel; bokor; divine goddesses; altar; werewolf; black mass; sabbat; hell; heaven; relics; avatars; satanists; mummification; monks; Wiccans; paranormal; gospels; spiritual; supernatural beings; miraculous statue; holy tears; catholic traditions; paradise; kaaba; Erathipa; Unification Church; magic spell; E-meter; thetan; ghost shirt; Alypius; cilice; Stylites; Sebek; witches; warlocks; houris; sorcerers; rites; belief; myths; doctrines; fanatics; ceremonies; soul; funny superstitions; magician; wizard; witch doctor; voodoo curse; devil's mark; mysterious places; bizarre rituals; strange cults
Downloads: 1,053 5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars(2 reviews)
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